Price & Quality Definition Nutrition

Almost all sports supplements companies use the same core ingredient, whey protein. This means that prices are fairly stable when manufacturers buy them. So why the vast difference in price, and why can Definition Nutrition offer a higher quality brand at such a competitive price?

There are a number of variants to consider such as volume as the more you make the cheaper it becomes to make it.  Therefore shouldn’t the biggest companies be able to sell at the best prices. The simple answer is “YES”, however many of the bigger brands have greater overheads, such as advertising, salaries and even the profit that has to be calculated for shareholders. These can easily escalate and before you know it up to 50% has to be added to each product. So do not be fooled, as a more expensive product does not guarantee higher quality.

So how are we able to compete and in our customers eyes surpass what other companies provide, well we have built our brand on taste, quality, results and value for money.  We do not pay any athletes or celebrities to endorse our products.  We reinvest continually in the brand, and are customer service focused, making sure we are continually ahead of the game in terms of research and development.

We therefore have a growing customer base due to customer loyalty, word of mouth and positive social media coverage.

Hence you get superior products at unbeatable prices, which yield superb results, provided from a state of the art manufacturing facility by a passionate dedicated Defined Team.