3 Day Split

clive 3 day splitMake sure that you keep the weight to one that you can handle without cheating. Keep a full strict movement.

Try not to rest too long between sets and remember that you are in the gym to make progress not to socialise.sam g

Sets 3 Max

Remember that intensity is KEY so take every set to failure.

 And suitable for both sexes


3 Day Split  3 Sets Reps 8-12


Flat Bench

Incline Bench

Decline Bench

Pull Overs

Cable Cross Overs 


Preacher Curls


Standing Barbell Curls

Single Arm Concentration Curls




Pull Downs Wide

Pull Downs Narrow

Low Pulley Rows

Dumbell Rows


Close Grip Press Downs

Wide Grip Press Downs

Reverse Grip Flat Bench

Kick Backs



Leg Extensions

Leg Press

Hack Squats

Hamstring Curls

Calf Raises


Side Lateral Raises

Front Lateral Raises

Bent Over Fly's

Shoulder Press




Every other session

Do a different routine

every session to vary

it up, making sure you hit

the different muscle groups