5 day Split

For the Serious Trainer

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 SET 1 X 12 REPS

 SET 2 X 10 REPS

 SET 3 X 6-8 REPS


 5-10 Minutes on anything  aerobic. Use the Bike, Rowing  Machine, Stepper or Treadmill.


Monday (Chest and Biceps);

CHEST;                                                           BICEPS;

Flat Bench Press                                             Seated Preacher Curls

Incline Bench Press                                         Rope Curls

Decline Bench Press                                       Standing Barbell Curls

Dumbbell Pullovers                                          Seated Dumbbell Curls

Peck Deck or Cable Crossovers                      Dumbbell Concentration Curls


Tuesday (Back and Triceps);

BACK;                                                             TRICEPS;

Wide Grip Behind Neck Pull downs                Close Grip Pushdowns

Medium Grip Front Pull downs                        Wide Grip Pushdowns

Close Grip Base Pully Rows                            Reverse Grip Flat Bench Press

T-Bar Rows                                                      Close Grip Flat Bench Press

Wide Grip Chins or Close Grip                         Cable Kickbacks or Reverse Dips


Wednesday (Shoulders)(front, rear, back and traps);


Side Lateral Raises

Bent Over Flies

Front Smith Machine Press

Behind Neck Smith Machine Press

Clean and Press

Cable Crossovers Side Lateral Raises

Upright Rows


Behind Neck Chins.


Thursday (Legs and Hamstrings);


LEGS;                                                            HAMSTRINGS;

Double Leg Extensions                                      Double Leg Curls

Leg Press                                                           Straight Leg Deadlift

Hack Squat/Slide                                                Standing/Seated Single Leg Curl

Squats                                                                 Standing Calf Raises

Seated Single Leg Extensions                            Seated Calf Raises


Friday (Triceps and Biceps);

TRICEPS;                                                         BICEPS;

Close Grip Pushdowns                                     Seated Preacher Curls

Wide Grip Pushdowns                                      Rope Curls

Reverse Grip Flat Bench Press                        Standing Barbell Curls

Close Grip Flat Bench Press                            Seated Dumbbell Curls

Cable Kickbacks or Reverse Dips                    Dumbbell Concentration Curls