Full Product Range Including The All New 100% Recyclable Packaging

100% Recyclable Packaging

  • At Definition Nutrition we are passionate about many things, your health and the health of the Environment, and as such we are removing all plastics from our range of Sports Nutrition Supplements packaging.
  • Starting with ALL our Tablets and Capsules as they now come in None Plastic Tubs, a Worlds First in the Sports Nutrition Industry.
Lean n Burn

Lean N Burn

Powerful combination of weight loss ingredients .

  • Burn Fat
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Increase Energy
  • £21.99


This potent natural enhancer can help add muscle and size.

  • Increase Natural Testosterone
  • Add Lean Muscle
  • Increase Libido
  • £21.99


Natures natural fat burner, easy to swollow soft gel capsule.

  • For Males & Females
  • Aid to weightloss
  • Reduces fat cells
  • £15.99

Lean Protein 3kg

Looking for a Protein that delivers a Low Fat, High Protein content with a lush taste, then look no further.

  • 3kgs 75 Servings
  • Fat 1.2g
  • Protein 31g
  • Carbs 2.7g
  • Added: CLA, BCAAs
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • £46.99 + Free Delivery
Collagen Glucosamine


Training for long periods of time places immense pressure on the joints and tendons, this aweome product promotes joint health.

  • Protein 10g
  • Fat Zero
  • Servings 29
  • Orange % Passion Fruit
  • Strengthens Hair & Nails
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • £24.99 + Free Delivery
Lean Mass

Lean Mass 3kg

Not all Weight Gainers are the same, this low fat, minimal calorie mass drink, will add Lean Tissue (Muscle) not fat

  • Protein 35g
  • Carbs 35g
  • Fat  1.5g
  • 298 Calories
  • Flaxseeds
  • Multivitamin Complex
  • £39.99 + Free Delivery