Alec Waters

alec watersalec waters 3  Alec Waters,  28 Years, 140lbs, Double Amputee.

 I am New to the fitness industry. After being Injured on  Patrol in Afghanistan I  had to re-evaluate my life and  my capabilities. I was determined to get active  as  soon  as I could and decided to go and complete. My  first  competition was  the U.S Marine Corps  marathon,Washington, in my wheelchair 11months post  injury.
 After this I was hooked and developed a hunger for fitness again and met a  group of inspirational Men and Women around 5 months ago who were putting  together a Dis-ABILITY bodybuilding category. I plan on competing in my first  competion Next year.

alec waters 4

 I think that with the correct attitude, motivation and desire to achieve, people can 
 do exactly what they envision for themselves.They just have to want it bad enough. 
 I have come a long way since last year when i started training, and with Definition  Nutrition to support my 

alec waters 2 progression I am sure I will reach my fitness goals.

 "Facing the future with Fortitude"**