Weight Gain

damian webWeight Gain Daily Diet When Training

Meal 1 (8am)

Big Bowl of Porridge Oats with Milk and Sugar
Lots of Weetabix with Milk and Sugar

1 x Scoops of Definition Nutrition Mass Gainer with


3-4 Pieces of Fruit

1 x t-spoon Definition Nutrition Glutamine

(Mix in Blender & drink)with

½ Pint of Cranberry or Grape Juice with Creatine Ethyl Ester

1 x Tribulus 

Meal 2 (10 am);

2-3 Pieces of Fruit Or Oatmeal.

2 Scoops

Definition Nutrition Mass Gainer


1 x t-spoon

Definition Nutrition Glutamine

(mix in blender & drink)

Meal 3 (12 midday);

1 x Big Chicken Breast

Big Bowl of Rice or 2 x Jacket Potatoes

Big Salad


Pint of Milk & a Flapjack

1 x Tribulus

Meal 4 (2pm);

Same as Meal 2

Meal 5 (4pm before training);

1 x Fruit Smoothie (containing- 4-5 pieces of fruit, Glutamine and 2 x Scoops Lean Protein with Milk) blend and drink

1 x Flapjack

30 minutes before 1 x scoop of Definition Pre Workout Fuel with water

Meal 6 (6:30pm after training);

1/2 Pint of Cranberry or Grape Juice with Creatine Ethyl Ester


Definition Nutrition Glutamine


(Mix and Drink)

Meal 7 (8 pm)

Very Big Spaghetti Bolognaise with a Salad


Big plate of Boiled Potatoes, 2 x Chicken and Vegetables


Very Big Portion of Low Calorie Chicken Curry with Big Plate of Rice


Low Fat Yoghurt

1 x Tribulus

Meal 8 (10 pm);

Big Bowl of Ready Brek or Porridge with Milk & Sugar


1 x Scoop of Definition Nutrition Lean Protein & Milk

Before Bed;

2 x ZMA

Through the night when I wake up;

I would drink;

2 x scoops of Lean Protein Drink mixed with Milk, 1 x t-spoon Glutamine and Fruits (this would be made before bed and kept in fridge)