Sound Advice

lee ann Creating great habits

 Stay focused for the first 4 weeks of any new nutrition program and create the habits necessary for success.

 Being concerned with your health as well as appearance.

 If your body is healthy, it will function better, feel better, recover better, and your mind will be clearer. Too many  people are only focused on looks.

 Not Overdoing it.

 More is not better. Better is better, work hard, work smart, and don’t beat your body into the ground.   

Food choices.

Variety when dieting is vital. So many foods have essential nutrients necessary for basic body function. It’s especially important to rotate proteins and fats. Variety will also prevent binging. Give yourself some choices and you will enjoy your food more.

Eating a variety of proteins.

As above, eating ONLY egg whites and chicken breast is a recipe for disaster. Wild meats have the best nutrient profiles and, despite what most people will have you believe, you can get lean eating red meat.

Do not eliminate fats.

Fats will not make you fat. Your body needs fats to survive and flourish. Use them wisely. Variety is a good idea here as well.

Optimize sleep.

If you train, you must recover. If you’re not sleeping 8 hrs on average, assume that your body isn’t recovering and your cortisol is constantly elevated.

Vary cardio method.

Different cardio works different muscles. Doing the same thing over and over will get boring, and will also lose its effectiveness quickly. Variety will help tighten and tone additional muscles, as well as conditioning them for your weight training sessions.


Progress your workouts.

On a 12 week prep, plan to make things harder each week. Just slightly. Add in volume, decrease rest periods, add in intensifiers little by little.

Create a plan

Plan a road map of exactly how you’ll progress each week, keep it logged so you know what you did last week and what you are doing this week.

Do not listen to conflicting advice

There are thousands of ways to get someone into shape. All of which may work. This doesn’t mean they’re optimal. Ideally choose one SMART person, and follow their plan. If it doesn’t work, learn and move on.

Thinking fat burners alone will do the trick.

Use “fat burners” for energy to work harder, and suppress appetite but adhere to your training and sound nutritional advice.

Don’t Rush and Do too much too soon.

Going from zero to 100 when you first start a diet plan is a sure fire way to burn yourself out and guarantee failure. Make the smallest incremental changes you can while still seeing changes each day and each week.

Relying on supplements.

You need FOOD. Whey protein and fat burners are tools, and are there to supplement your three standard clean healthy meals, so use them in between to reduce cravings and feed you body with its vital nutrients.

Do not follow fad diet instead of relying on work to get you there.

I could name a few recent diets that catch people’s attention because they seem to get you to your goal with less perceived effort and work, work hard and stick with the basics.

Ask enough questions.

If you don’t know why, ask!

Incorporate more full body work

The more muscles you can incorporate into a workout, the more you stimulate calorie burning.

Taking enough rest days.

Your nervous system and adrenals need off days, take at least 2 each week

Spacing out workouts.

Try doing cardio at a different time of the day instead of after weight sessions, also split body-parts so that you train more frequently instead of longer workouts should be 45-60 mins max

under eating impedes performance.

To lose fat, you’ve got to rely on hard, intense workouts. Regularly under eating will leave you sluggish and unable to train at maximum effort.


Will NOT affect performance (unless its marathon sex) but will burn major calories

Have sex often It’s good for you. Makes you feel great, and creates a better relationship with your partner.

Setting big-enough goals!

Goals that make you stretch, make you reach, force you to get uncomfortable and therefore create a better version of you.

Believing in yourself!

Nothing in life is outside of YOUR control. Take your focus of control and put it right inside of you. YOU control your outcomes. Small victories will add up to large ones