Where To Start

All Definition Nutrition products are engineered to help the novice and professional athlete, as all nutritional supplements make it easier to achieve your goals whatever they may be. Most novices are confused with what to take, so first look at your goal, weight gain, weight loss, etc., then look at your training regime, and then look at your diet, diet is key as this is where supplements come into their own in that they give the body the vital nutrients it needs in the exact quantities it requires.

If Weight loss is your goal ?

Weight loss is easy. We have all done it with varying degrees of success, but ultimately with little advice can be frustrating as knowing what to what, and when to eat.  Definition Nutrition has been designed to take the guess work out of dieting, with easy to follow diets that work and supplements that will accelerate weight loss and increase energy levels.  Products such as The Ultimate Fat Burner and Lean Protein, will vastly increase your chances of reaching your set goal and beyond.

What and When to eat ?

This is probably the most important varient when dieting & gaining weight, regardless of body type or starting point.  Meal replacement shakes or Protein shakes such as Definition Nutrition Lean Protein and Lean Mass are the answer, quick to make, easy to transport and great tasting.  Also the body digests a liquid 4 times faster than food as it does not need to break it down, so it goes in the the body quicker making it more efficiant and effective than consuming a meal. Also when used as snacks in between meals they stop kytosis, kytosis is where the body stores fat and wastes muscle, so making your body more calorific, in that it will burn more calories as its working more often.

Weight Gain More Muscle Gain

More nutrients than your body requires = weight gain, however at Definition Nutrition we have devised our Lean Mass to be low calorifically, and therefore low in fat, which means you will gain muscle and not body fat so "Add size and Shape".  Also remember if eating bigger you need to train bigger, this will vastly increase your chances of building a aesthetically pleasing physique.  Also, rest is as important as training, so 5 days a week training is maximum as your body grows when its resting.  Other products that will aid in growth are Creatine Ethyl Ester, Tribulus and ZMA, as supplements work better when stacked together, that is why for ease we have developed the All in One, so no separate pots just 1 easy convenient scoop.

Want Better Athletic performance and Recovery

Each individual sport has its own nuances in terms of training and dietary requirements, whilst training needs may differ one aspect is constant and that’s the need to recover, the faster the recovery the more able to train and compete at your maximum, hence Definition Nutrition products have been designed to incorporate pre and post workout shakes and products.  Products such as Creatine aid Endurance, Tribulus ZMA increase natural Testosterone levels, Glutamine regenerate muscle and tissue and can increase brain function so aiding concentration levels.

Still Unsure what you need

 At Definition Nutrition we pride ourselves on the fact that we are athletes designing supplements for athletes, so whatever your level, your need your ability then simply email us for free impartial sound advice. [email protected]