Emma Ryder

emma ryder head Hi, I'm Emma from Sheffield.
 Having spent 12 years building a successful career in the medical field I  began to feel  like I needed a new personal challenge; so at the age of 30 I  embarked on a journey  into the world of fitness.
 I do not come from a sporting background, and I have struggled with body  image over  the years. Meeting my trainer (a professional natural 
emma ryder
 bodybuilder) in 2013, to help me  to achieve that longed for lean body, he  introduced me to weight training. I quickly  developed a passion for weight  lifting
 and set my sights on competing on stage.
 In the summer of 2014 I placed top 5 in the figure category in my debut BNBF national 
 Running my own business keeps me very busy so food preparation and a flexible training plan are key to ensuring I stay on track to reaching my goals. I follow a bodybuilding style training programme (a 5 day split) concentrating on a single muscle group each session, with a 5 week rotation, so not to allow my body to plateau. 
Training and competing has ultimately changed me physically, but has also introduced me to many new and exciting opportunities and experiences. I have since become a personal trainer, been a part of a fitness model calendar, expanded my business; and now I am excited to be a part of the Definition Nutrition team.
I am looking forward to working with Definition Nutrition and using their products to help me to achieve bigger and better things as I continue to train hard and compete again.