Ayme De Oliveira

ayme 1I'm a personal trainer, bikini competitor and flight attendant.  

 I'm currently in competition prep, which is difficult with my jobs. I rely on  quality supplements as part of my plan. Definition Nutrition offers superb  lean protein to assist the growth and repair of muscles. With 31g of ayme 3 protein and 0.4g of fats it's the perfect choice for building my lean  muscle. 


 My aim is to achieve the best physique I can through training and  nutrition and to inspire others to achieve their goals. As a personal  trainer I train a range of people with different goals from weight loss to  building muscle. Regardless of their goals, it doesn't matter how hard  you work if you don't have the right nutrition. Anyone training needs protein to prevent muscle breakdown, and promote muscle repair. 

ayme 4 Come and talk to me about anything  fitness/supplement related.


 Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction!