Women & Protein

charlayne protein It used to be that Protein was a staple of bodybuilders who liked  how  the supplement’s superfast absorption helped them quickly bulk  up.

 These days, though, you’re just as likely to see as many women  blending Lean Protein into their breakfast shakes or adding it to  their  post workout drink.

 But is the muscle-builder of bodybuilder good for women who just  want to get in better shape and not build bulging biceps.

 Definition Lean Protein is the perfect protein: It contains all the  essential amino acids for a daily diet. It also boosts the immune  system by increasing your body’s production of glutathione, a  powerful antioxidant essential for helping detoxification. For women, a Lean Protein shake along with a healthy nutritious breakfast is a perfect way to start the day, and to use between meals as a healthy snack to avoid those sugar dips and ketosis. 

Protein levels are depleted when you exercise, therefore drinking Lean Protein after exercising helps prevent muscle deterioration. Also Protein in liquid form has a higher absorption rate as liquids are digested faster than food, so it can help repair and rebuild those muscles after a workout.

You used to see just men and bodybuilders using whey protein, but in general, women don’t have the hormones that men have to get really bulky muscles, so there’s no reason for women to be afraid of it. As it will help you achieve that sleek sexy tone that most females admire and desire.