Weight Loss

steve winter webBreakfast;

Choose one of the following meals;vicki 1

1.       Porridge Oats, Water/Skimmed Milk, Sprinkle Lean Protein for Flavor, and warm do not Nuke it as destroys the protein.

2.     Bowl of Muesli with Skimmed Milk and Sweetener

3.     2 x Shredded Wheat, Skimmed Milk and Sweetener

4.     2 x Weetabix, Skimmed Milk and Sweetener

5.     Bowl Mixed Fruit with low Fat Yoghurt

6.     Fruit Smoothie (banana, apple, strawberries and orange juice)

Mid-Morning and Afternoon Breaks;

Choose one of the following;

1.     1 x Scoop Definition Lean Protein, with milk/water

2.     1 x low calorie Yoghurt

3.     1 x fruit or low calorie cereal bar.

Dinner or Tea;

Choose from one of the following;


1.     Brown Rice (washed when cooked)

2.     Sweet Potato.

3.     Boiled Potatoes

4.     Brown Pasta or Brown Spaghetti (washed when cooked)

5.       Noodles (washed when cooked)

Make that you don’t add salt to the water when boiling and wash under a cold tap.


Choose from one of the following;

1.     Turkey Breast

2.      Chicken Breast

3.     Any fresh Fish

4.     Fillet or Rump Steak (cut away all fat)

5.     Silverside Beef.

You can smear Garlic, Pepper and Herbs over any of the above for a better tasting meal.

Vitamins & Minerals;

Choose from one of the following;

1.       Selection of salad products

2.       Selection of Steamed or Boiled Vegetables.

You can sprinkle Apple Cider Vinegar over any of the above which will help burn off any fats.